Usumacinta Pure Vanilla 16.8 Ounces Amber and Clear, Decorative Wood Tray and Kitchen Towels

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Limited time, baking gift set for the holidays. 

2 bottles of our pure Usumacinta vanilla - 1 bottle of clear and 1 bottle of amber.  Each bottle contains 16.8 ounces (500ml) of vanilla.

The vanilla comes packaged on a wooden cutting board (9"x6") with a decorative wood measuring spoon. 

1 whitewashed oval wooden tray measuring 13.25" long by 5.75" wide.  The tray can be used for displaying the vanilla bottles or other cooking items.

One set of 3 kitchen towels (13"x13") in great neutral colors.  They are great for wiping down counters, covering rising dough and more.

The entire set is shrink wrapped and ready for gift giving.

This Usumacinta gift set would make a great present for the anyone that enjoys cooking and baking.