Legend Story

Tenizli, the third Totonaco King, offered his beautiful daughter, Tzacoponfzia (Morning Star) to the service of Tonacayohua, the Crop Goddess even though she had done chastity vows, she met the Zkotanoxga prince (Jung Deer) and they fell in love. Jung Deer abducted Morning Star but the priests looked for them and when they found them, the priest rushed them, beheaded them and offered their hearts to the Tonacayohua God.  In the place where the sacrifice took place, a bush sprouted, and beside it, an orquidea grew which one morning it was covered with flowers and an exquisite fragrance.  That's how the blood of the princess transformed into a bush and orquidea.  From the princess' blood, vanilla was born, that in Totonaco is called Caxi-Xahath, which means recondite flower.